Foodie Hub at 140 William

Explore The Foodie Hub at 140 William

Living on the same pre-packed lunch every day isn’t what humans fancy. To please our tummy, we crave a spice of change every once in a while. 140 William Street has partnered with The Urban List to present you a treat of foodie goodness. Here’s what they have to say about 140 William Street’s food delight.

Kickstart your morning routine with MAX & SONS.

Taking your daily morning dose of caffeine is a kickstart for a perfect day. And where else to step in for that when you have MAX & SONS at the table! Brought to you by the team behind Mo Espresso, you can never go wrong with their coffee and treats.

Don’t choose. Taste everything. 

Take a stroll through East Village and have a lick at every taste from NYC. You’re going to have a tough time choosing what to eat from here. You have the choice of everything from NYC’s classic cheeseburgers, the Tex Mex chicken Schnitty sandwiches, and buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce.

Set yourself up with delight from BamBamBoo.

Serving everything related to Chinese spices, soy, vinegar, and chili — BamBamBoo is a must for people with a craving for deliciousness. If you treat yourself with their lunch in Perth every day, you’d be included in their loyalty program — don’t miss out on that!

Don’t miss out on the reinvention of the legendary Globe Hotel. 

What’s better than a modern reinvention of Perth’s favourite hotel? It’s their menu. That’s right, a read through The Globe’s menu will make your tongue go WOW. You can’t go wrong with anything from this foodie-favourite eatery and bar. When you’re done with your lunch and cocktails, pay a visit to Koko Black for a sweet, chocolaty dessert.

Make your while worth with a view from The Aviary. 

While in for a lunch in Perth, never miss the chance to enjoy the view of Perth’s skyline from the top-roof bar of The Aviary. On weekends, you’d never want to miss out on their “happiest hour” deal that presents 50% off from 5 pm to 6 pm.

Take on the burgers. 

There’s a burger-monster inside us all. Time to unleash it by paying a visit to Ribs & Burgers. When you’re done, grab your dessert from Map Donuts. Their delights include special creations of sugar, Nutella, Cadbury top deck, and classic custard.

Italian lover? No problem!

The Italian Corner has got you covered with their homemade Italian gelato, Pasta, continental rolls, and the real Italian coffee. Your lunch in Perth is incomplete without a visit to The Italian Corner.